Back at Da Shaw

It’s in the 90s here, but I have AC and outside there are the ocean breezes. It’s pretty awful outside but not in here. I’ll be really happy when the heat breaks, but in the meantime the world is bearable. Even if my car does not have AC. And no, it doesn’t.

I just woke up from an afternoon nap. I take one just about every day now. I like to nap more and more these days. It’s not an escape. I can’t escape from me. I’m still there when I wake up. The cat is still there sniffing around and demanding food. So I just feed him; he curls up on the bed or next to it and goes back to sleep. Don’t we all wish life ran in tracks as simple that that?


Which reminds me. I’ve really got to take some new pictures of Tolstoy. I’ve put all the ones I have out on Facebook by now. They’re not, thank God, memorial images but pictures of a living, breathing cat who has let me bond with him not just for food but because he seems to really enjoy being around me.

When it cools off a bit, I think I’m going to go out and explore the neighborhood with a camera. People tend to be okay with that as long as you don’t stick the camera in their faces. Or they might sit still for it as long as you’re so obtrusive that it’s obvious you’re not trying to be subtle or cool. I once photographed a man in front of the New Brunswick, NJ train station by just asking nicely. He didn’t say no or tell me when it was over; that’s where my own instincts and sensitivity had to come into play. An oldish black guy with flowers in his hat. I don’t have the picture anymore but I won’t forget it either.

How did I get here from the Jersey Shore?


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