We are becoming a vicious, ugly nation

Is the title any hint of what’s coming? Should it be? The topic’s been around the block more than a…oh, let’s not go there.

It’s about health insurance. Or call that health coverage, because while I might like a dirty joke now and again, I don’t like health insurance because the insurance business is just a bit too dirty even for me. Ask me: I used to work in it.

I want to tell myself I’m not particularly angry. That of course is a lie. I’m enraged and ashamed. But what I also feel is detachment from my own country and what the rants about health care have surfaced.  My detachment–call it alienation if you like–has become so pronounced that I might just as well be living in one of those Socialist paradises overseas. France looks real good right about now. And in England they speak English even if the food reputedly sucks.

So we have this ongoing attempt at a health care initiative, a set of motions that lead me to fear is happening here. It is about what I would really like to see happen here, knowing full well that it won’t.

Increasingly, people are showing up in the vicinity of Barack Obama discussions of the health care reform, and they are packing “heat.” Automatic pistols, assault rifles. Oh, says the argument, I’m just exercising my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

My first response is what I’ve said before: the Second Amendment is the greatest mistake in the Constitution. It’s a horrible idea. The so-called “founders” couldn’t see past an agrarian nation and into the un-urbane urban monstrosities. The only people who ought to carry firearms are members of the military and law enforcement. If them. So can that bullshit about regulated militia because your firearms maniacs don’t really believe it. Like that Kostric asshole, you just want to strap on a piece because you’re out to intimidate the rest of us. A 9mm, woo woo woo…. Redneck bastard, you showed up to prove you could shoot the President of the United States. You showed up to go nigger-hunting.

Right, so let’s get to the point: what would these McVeigh clones do if Obama was white? Because that really is the heart issue here, the reductio ad nauseum. Obama surely knows it but seems blissfully ignorant of the danger he and his family live in.

The whole discussion is one-sided. Or the Democrats are starting to yield ground the way they always do. “Let’s take the public option out of the bill to shut up the Republicans, included Hannity and Get a Rush Limbo.” It doesn’t work, does it? So the Republican/Conservatives or whatever they are this week push harder. They enlist the support of a population of the disgruntled and enraged, and prey again on their fear that they are losing “their” America, an America that actually never existed unless you want to return to Jim Crow and Emmett Till. Which I am sure some of them do.

Listen to the subtext. Learn about the nation you live in, the real nation, bathing in unhealed wounds and endless and groundless hatreds. Learn the depths to which it has descended–mob control via talk radio–and prepare for even worse, because I’m not sure we’ve hit bottom yet. “The worst is not when we can say ‘This is the worst’.”

That’s King Lear. Can anyone read that anymore? Or are the esteemed rioters of the Republic(an) so-called Town Meetings all too busy having Nascar programs read to them?

It becomes a big bit of news when Barney Frank stands up to some foul-mouthed confrontationalist and snaps back with appropriate sarcasm. “Oooooo, gasp, the homo got way out of line!” Out of line? Are you kidding? And the closet queen Limbaugh keeps making comments about Frank’s favorite planet being Uranus. Oh, ha-ha-ha.

Okay, enough about them. Here is what I would love to see:

Public option be damned. I want Government-run health care. Not insurance, health care. The full Monty. All of it. Drugs, surgery, routine visits, obstetrics, etc., etc. Single-payer health care. No more garbage about a “public option.” You think anyone wants to see Oxford, United Healthcare, or Kaiser Temperamente stay in business–aside from its managers and stockholders? No, get rid of them. Subsume them in a public system in which the consumer is the first priority. A world in which there is no such animal as “charity care” or a “pre-existing condition.” Turn their buildings into condos for low-income residents.

What is this, then? It’s socialized medicine. Duh. It’s what we need here to remove the profit motive from pharma, from hospitals, and from doctors.

It’s French medicine, English medicine, Canadian medicine. Yes, I know it is imperfect. So what? If Stephen Hawking says the NHS saved his life, then I hope someone puts Limbaugh and Hannity in the hospital. Payback is good.

We have it now. I have it now. I don’t really have a stake on the table because I’m over 65, I’m in the Medicare structure, and it’s socialized medicine for which I pay only about $159 a month for supplements. I can afford to be sick. I don’t have to have Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ lie me into admission to the psycho ward in 2006, after I told them I had no insurance or money, telling me I would get charity care, and then sock me with a $20,600 bill. Because American medicine as it’s now constituted is technically brilliant and filled with used car salesmen wearing iridescent sharkskin suits.

So what do we have now? Foaming-at-the-mouth rabid citizens. A collection of Gold Star retards who stand up on their hind legs, bark for a bone, and then go to town meetings so they can shitkick. Government by Redneck and by their abetters. I wonder it anyone ever told the talk radio crowd that they could be indicted for conspiracy, insurrection, and incitement to riot.

Long live the Democratic Socialist Republic of the United States. Tell me when to wake up.


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