Farewell to the TV

The TV set died on the same day the country switched over to digital or HDTV or whatever the hell it’s called. We tried reprogramming the set to no avail. We called Comcast and they sent out a technician who looked at the set and did his best Dr. McCoy imitation: “It’s dead, Ken.”

So there we stood looking at a four-year old Sharp TV that decided it was time for a new one. Except we did not concur.

The TV will make a great trellis for clinging vines because we’re going to manage without a TV. Is there any news on television worth the trouble? Anything I need–like concerts–I can get from other sources so I can play them through the computer. The only things I will really miss are Law and Order reruns. I suppose the TV decided to follow Jerry Orbach to wherever he’s gone.

Hey, I can read the real media that exists online. The survival of Iranian resistance to that psychopath testifies to the power of electronic media and the uselessness of “mainstream” television. Hell, I may need to reopen my Twitter account just out of respect for those people over there risking their lives.

TV. It was awesome when I was a kid. Now? Less so. Not at all.


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