Lent IX: Grace From Hatred

This morning, Palm Sunday, I awakened to a comment on one of my Binghamton postings. It was from someone who calls himself Colguy, and his response to me was two words:

“Asshole. Nigger.”

At 6:50 AM there’s a certain amount of shock attached to remarks like that. First thought: “What’d I say?” Then I remembered:

I attacked the racism that lays at the heart of this nation. It lays in my heart as well, God forgive me. It has informed our entire history.

The election of Barack Obama has lanced a huge and stinking carbuncle of hatred, and I fear it’s going to make the situation worse before it makes it better. Everyone wants to pretend they’re okay with a Black man in office. They’re not okay with it at all. They’re not okay with people who:

  • Declare the 2nd Amendment a vile and odious insult to the commonweal.
  • Suggest that economic and career losses can make people go crazy.
  • Suggest that even a mass murderer is acting not from simple hatred but from illness and frustration gone past toleration.

I approved the comment because I want people to see the cancer inside their country’s gut.

This is one where John Wayne or Rambo or Casey Ryback isn’t going to dispose of the bad guys. This is not one where a subliterate moron like Chuck Norris can get up, wave his penis around, and get it to Stand Up For America.

Colguy and his ilk may or may not win. If they do–if the “conservative underground” of Sean Hannity’s masturbatory fantasies–actually takes back power, then Rush Limbaugh’s open and hysterical threats of retaliation may come true. I may find myself in a labor camp or worse. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

There was a graphic novel from twenty-plus years ago called V For Vendetta in which Great Britain had death camps for dissidents. That could be any of us who resist. A country that could suborn the assassination of Mohammed Mosadegh and Salvador Allende can suborn the overthrow of its own government in favor of a Republic of Virtue.

Colguy, you have graced me on Palm Sunday. You have spewed filth on me and it has been transformed into baptismal water. You worked a miracle. You have given me a personal stake in this week of prayer and reflection leading to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I will pray for you because we all need prayer and someone as foul as you needs it more than most.


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