Have it their way….

Here is a video produced by the fiery and on-message Glenn Greenwald, this time having to do with a restaurant in which I will never eat again, Burger King:


Do I take this personally?  Oh God yes.  This is your fraudulent stimulus package at work: a French tickler for the economy that will make you feel oh-so-good for a few seconds while accomplishing nothing to change your condition. Greenwald makes a powerful point: there is a popular delusion that BK and the other fast food cardiology palaces are stocked with teenagers working for pocket change.  Not quite.  More and more, they are stocked with the people Barbara Ehrenreich wrote about in Nickel and Dimed: mature workers who need any job and will work for abuse and unpaid overtime. Right–single mothers, laid off “professionals,” people on the edge of no hope.

And who makes the money? Goldman Sachsl.

When I got out of Morgan Stanley and landed face-down on the pavement at age 64, I went to work in an A&P in Little Silver, N.J. Dr. Ken, Ph.D., cutting meat in Deli for $8.00 an hour in the name of a bunch of high school dropouts who managed the place.

The sad part is you can’t even get a job in Burger Roi now. Jobs are so scarce that people with even scumbag jobs will not leave, and being terminated is like being cast into the Hell that Tim LaHaye invented in some apocalyptic novel.

Where is the outrage? I don’t know. Where are the employees who will sit down on the job and not allow themselves to be exploited for a rough equivalent of $7.00 an hour for working 90 hours a week? Where is the populist fury over this? Where are the sit-down strikes that brought GM to its knees in 1937, the press to photograph the bought-and-paid-for cops hauling workers out of the so-called “restaurants”? Where is anything in this corporate paradise where misery is doled out in big steaming portions of horse manure and lies?

Anyone think the President is going to turn this country into the Shining City on the Hill or is the stimulus money just going into the pockets of the investment banks? Having worked for a few, and having seen some of the back-room performance art, more than likely it’s going into some of the employees’ arms and up their snouts. My time in Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and Merrill was a real education, shall we say.


2 thoughts on “Have it their way….

  1. Ginny

    Excuse me, sir. Horse shit is one of the very finest aromas in the world. The misery doled out in this corporate paradise smells of decidedly like human excrement, which it is, after all. It is the animals who sadly shake their heads and are left to wonder what it is to be “human,” and how the heck they got to be in charge.

  2. Ken

    Alas, probably you are right. I should spend more time with equines instead of bipeds. Human, though…not sure. Maybe there is a separate classification. A lot of the corporate types I met in the last go-round remind me of what I read about the killer chimp. For corporate types, the moral sense was either not developed or it is too fragile and therefore easily eradicated when convenient.


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