Oh yeah right, it’s Thanksgiving…

I could say "And this affects me how?" But that would not be true.

This morning my Companion snapped "What am I supposed to be grateful for?"

"Well, your house hasn't been foreclosed on. And we're not trying to get fed in a soup kitchen that ran out of food because the rich bastards are clutching their last dimes."

That do you?

My car is in the shop looking at a $700 cooling system overhaul. If I don't have a car, I'm screwed. I live at the edge of the world. No place to get away from it to inconsequential stuff like paying work. So I am indeed thankful that I still have the funds to pay for the work. Tomorrow? Who knows? Sufficient to this day is its own evil.

[Besides: I would not look good trying to sell my body in downtown Sea Bright. There are feral cats and stray dogs in town that might be interested, but apart from that, only the cops might be enthused.]

More good stuff:

My kids are alive and well. My Companion's son and his live-in are alive and well. Our animals–two obnoxious cats and one somewhat demented dog–are thriving. Her sister with a bag of money is feeding us later. The menu? Who knows and who cares? It could be one of her tofu horrors: as long as we're not cooking I'm grateful!

And yes…I know the real story. Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for Indians, Native Americans, or whatever you call them. [My younger son had a history professor at Goucher who said that how we name them is less important than how we treat them.] We ripped them off and worked to wipe them out from Day One. Remember General Phil Sheridan? I learned about N-A history from Buffy Sainte-Marie. I didn't learn shit in school. Big surprise there. I also thought that Columbus was a good guy until I found out a bit more.

The Indians/Native Americans are getting a measure of payback via Government guilt in the form of untaxed reservation casinos and tobacco enterprises that allow them to extract money from rich drunken white people. I've got no problem with that. In fact, I'd like to help them.

The best image is from Howard Zinn, who for me is the model of what a Jewish historian should be: an unreconstructed radical, forever anti-establishment, born in the ashes of the Triangle Fire. He is not the Pragers, Podhoretzes, Decters, Himmelfarbs, Hooks, Horowitzes, Levins, or any of the other Court Jews who sold their souls to gain acceptance in "white" America. He speaks on a broadcast of the Tavis Smiley Show. Like Zinn himself, Smiley tends to be uppity….

Regardless. Anyway. Don't mind an aging crazy man. Thanksgiving really does have a use. It's a day to remember what about your life does not suck, and to thank God for it. Gratitude is in short supply this awful year, so you grab what you can find. Happy Thanksgiving, my two readers.

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