Let it die. Let it end.

There is news in this afternoon's online edition of the Wall Street Journal, a newspaper rapidly converting into a daily chronicle of the Danse Macabre called the American economy.

Every so often self-interest has to prevail.  How do I or any other on-the-edge debtor benefit from having $700 billion sucked out of me to bail out a bunch of greedy bastards like the kind I used to work for?

I hate to say this but I was cheering in the car on the way home.  The sentiment was "Let Rome in Tiber melt!"  Better: let the American economy crash once and for all.  It is a damn shame that the little people in the investment shops–I was among them–will suffer for the sins of the filth in silk suits who made this possible, but we all were part of the price to pay for ending this misery once and for all. Now it 's someone else's turn instead of ours. Let the overpaid assassins on Wall Street pay with their jobs, homes, and fancy lifestyles.  Let them spend time where I did, working in supermarkets and in call centers, or going to jail.

Let them have their 401(k)s sacrificed on the altar of their own greed. Let them come out of college with crushing student loan debt they cannot hope to repay.

If we're going to try to rebuild this country from the ground up before we sell it to China, let's at least bring down the whole goddamned temple and start over.  McCain is too senile and stupid to get the idea.  I would like to think that Obama is smarter, but I'm not optimistic.  What gives me hope is that Congress finally grew the balls to tell George Bush and the Congressional leadership that rape and theft will no longer be tolerated.

We are getting what we deserve.  Even if bloodshed is required.  I have already shed mine.  Other people have shed theirs.  Now spread it out to the sonsofbitches up top.

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