Oh, pity unto the poor job recruiter!

The same ads every day: five firms in New York/Jersey City are hiring for the same joB, and they are all competing for the candidate pool.

Oh pity the candidate pool!–especially when all five firms are undercutting one another because the client says “Bring me cheap.” Who is being honest and who is trying to screw you?  Answer: Yes.

Oh pity the invisible client in New York/Jersey City who creates job specs so daunting and impossible to fill that nobody but Jesus Christ can fill them, assuming he knew how to run a laptop.

Can’t you see all the recruiters standing there, desperate, under the lamppost?


Major Bank looking for a Technical Writer consultant for a long term project. Successful candidate will:

  • Write, edit, index, or revise a variety of technical user documentation such as articles, reports, and/or manuals for a wide range of uses.
  • Collaborate with engineers, and/or product management during design phase to gain an understanding of the project and technologies.
  • Analyze requirements of project to determine types of publications needed.
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of technical documentation.
  • Requires excellent oral and written communication skills and an understanding of application architecture concepts, operating systems and/or networking.

Work Performed:


  • Create, edit, and maintain technical documentation for current and future applications i.e., technical reference manuals and production control manuals.
  •  Create, edit, and maintain procedural documentation including but not limited to department policies and procedures (SOPs) and/or “how to” user guides and application guides.
  • Write, edit, and produce material for on-line (intranet/web-based documentation.
  • Support quality assurance efforts, assemble documentation for audits and ensure that documentation is compliant with internal and external requirements.
  • Illustrate Technical Documentation as required with appropriate photographs, drawings, diagrams and screen captures.
  • Create Technical Bulletins to publicize Product Releases, Product Issues, and Obsolescence.
  • Create Release Notes for Product Releases as required.
  • Develop documentation project plans and timelines.
  • Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts to collect and interpret input from IT or other departmental personnel.
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.
  • The first instinct is to look at this and say what I’m saying now: Get Over Yourselves, You Vain Little Shits.  You’re not that important and nobody cares except that you pay a lot for servility.

So off everyone goes to add a few more lies to their resumes.  Not tweakings: lies.

Note this ad above is for a writer. Is there anything here about writing? Not really. Your ability to write has become peripheral to your “organizational skills.” Same old thing: the profession of “technical writer” has become the role of Court Jester plus XML wiz.  Nobody cares about writing because illiteracy is the common factor in American business anymore. Hell, you’ve got a President with a Harvard MBA and he’s a semiliterate clown.

Referring to the above, when nobody can fill the shoes, when nobody out there can possibly measure up, they repost the ad again. And again. The position goes unfilled and the work goes undone.

Now, tell me again why American business is in a landfill and why perfectionism is part of a corporate mental illness.


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