“And then a miracle occurs…”

I thought of a complicated systems flowchart with tangles and paths that lead nowhere except chaos. The final line is a conclusion: "And then a miracle occurs."  That's how Microsoft allegedly pilfers most of its best-selling software.

I've been reluctant to to mention this because my luck over the last few years has been so butt-ugly awful that I feel like I'm under either a curse or destined to jinx myself.  So you have no idea how much balls it's taking me to say that I got a job this week as an Adjunct Professor of English at an almost local community college. Oh, three courses does not sound like much. But its value is immense.

It means, finally and at long last, that I am owning to a fact of the spirit, namely that I was given this work to do a long time ago, that it was my direction that I do it, and that nothing I have ever done since has given me much satisfaction. It is also a fact that I betrayed a calling and I paid for it.

Oh, I made money now and then.  But in the desperate effort to please everyone else, to do what I thought others expected of me, I forgot to do what I was called upon to do, I forgot what was important to me.

Not anymore. "I will, with God's help" teach and learn from those whom I teach. At the risk of being pegged as a religious nut, I believe I have been called back to do God's work. It took me over 30 years to figure out that you cannot escape a calling, that like Jonah fleeing from a mission, you will be swallowed by a great fish. So for the first time in years I am standing on dry land, and can only pray that my resolve and good fortune hold.


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