You’re kidding, of course

I am home today because there is no reason for me to travel up to New York while I sit in a temporary office overlooking 42nd Street, waiting to be fired in about two weeks.  Oh, I am on salary for the last two weeks, but even if I'm able to connect with New York State Unemployment I will still lose medical coverage.  I am diabetic, bipolar, and have been places some of you may know but won't talk about.  Right now, anyway.  I am too old to get hired again and too young by 7 months to qualify for Medicare, another public tit program that nobody should need because, regardless of the yammerings of talk radio verb-floozies, universal health care is a right.

I'm not having an especially good time at the moment.  Contemplating the Big Picture shows you the desert.  Contemplating the infamous One Day At A Time is supposed to show you how grateful you are supposed to be.

I am supposed to be thankful I'm alive and sober and there is always hope for change.

No there isn't.  For the last two and a half years this Ph.D-educated writer with 25 years of time in the business has lost more jobs than times you've gotten laid, he's been in jail, he's been in a madhouse, and he just figured his dream was fulfilled–working for real money back in New York.  And on Friday it went away because the mismanagement of American business, its cupidity, stupidity, and greed, brought it low and cost good people their jobs.

They don't do it the old way now. No more mass firings or plant closings.  Bear Stearns was the exception.  When a financial shop like Goldman or Morgan Stanley disposes of the people who made the obscene salaries and bonuses possible for the highly-placed Suits who run the shops, they do it by drib-drab, a few here, a few there, and they keep it out of the press because it would not surprise me if they did not reward the financial writers. So you don't hear about 2,000 people (at least) let go at Morgan Stanley; or if you do, that's only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Behind them go the contractors, many of whom hardly count on projects being canceled and them with them.  How, after all, do you improve your systems if you don't improve your systems?

Answer: you do not care. You pull the cow's tit, out comes milk.  As long as that happens, what difference who lives and who dies?

The news is as bad as it can get except it can get worse.  So maybe we are supposed to be grateful….


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