The New York Times is a slow study

Note this story from today’s online edition:

When did they figure out that most people hate their jobs and are stressed out to the max?  European business figured this out a long time ago, ergo France’s four-week vacation time and a general realization of "flextime" instead of the bullshit and clock-watching that goes on in American business.

We are losing ground because we are killing ourselves and one another.

So me?  I am getting up at 4:45 AM to go to work in New York.  I will have a lot of company on the roads.  Mercifully I will be on a bus or train: I don’t have to drive into Manhattan.  But I think of T.S. Eliot’s lines about the "unreal city" and not being able to imagine that "death had undone so many."  Oh, it has and it keeps on doing it.

Have a good week, folks.

NOTE: My good friend Jane, who grew up in France, reminded me I got a fact wrong.  The French don’t get four weeks off, they get five. Hell, our economy is in such great shape right now, it must be because the world of middle management is working itself into stroke and heart attack country with that grudgingly-given week off….


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