The Fifth Anniversary

This is the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Not a secret, but I detest politics. Until Obama’s speech yesterday–the finest and most powerful I have heard since Robert Kennedy in 1968–I had no intention of voting. If Senator Obama becomes the nominee, I will vote for him. I cannot bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton if she worms her way in.  Not even to unseat McCain, who has ridden the War Hero/POW horse long enough. If I vote at all it will be for a write-in.


Five years ago our judicially-appointed false President rode us into Iraq on the back of the pseudopatriotic bullshit of appealing to Nascar dads and C&W non-music.  Two months later he stood on an aircraft carrier deck saying "Mission accomplished." Go back to the Jim Beam, Dubya, your policy has cost thousands of American and Iraqi lives. To what purpose?  To shove democracy down people’s throats like Iraq is some geopolitical Linda Lovelace?

In the meantime, in case nobody noticed, our economy is a shambles, "jobs" are considered employment in McDonalds or WalMart, and cynicism is outshouting even the patriotic crap of radio commentators.

We were in World War II less time than we’ve been in Iraq. Yes, a lot of men and women died in the two theaters. WW2, awful though it was, was sacrifice with a purpose.  What is the purpose in Iraq?

Tell me.


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