Intellectual Alzheimers

Bright guys remember a grudge even if we forget everything else.

I worked for a guy 32 years ago who I regarded from Day Two (I gave him a day) as among the most reprehensible and manipulative human beings I’ve ever met.  I met worse thereafter, but he was the first of the worst, and he’s hard to forget that reason alone.

I know the stuff he did because I was his personal assistant.  I saw the forged memoranda.  I saw and also was a victim of the head games.  I remember everything about this bastard except writing about him in a blog.

Yesterday I got a certified letter from an attorney in New York–basically a Cease & Desist sort of thing.  I apparently had, in a blog, actually slandered this man, and unless I removed the offensive material, the offended party would check out his legal remedies.

Since when did the truth become slander?

There are several weird parts to this.

I took that blog down, obliterated it, on November 13, 2007.  I’m only hearing about this now?  Bad news travels by oxcart.

I didn’t even remember the posting.  Probably a slur with some barbs in it.  And the gentleman took offense, 32+ years later.  He felt damaged more than a quarter century down the road.  Incredible.

What does it say about this individual that he could find anything written about him by a former employee  worth the aggravation, not to mention getting a lawyer?  How could someone like me do material damage to a man well over 70 years of age who, as the lawyer claims, has a major resume and successful career?  I have neither: and yet he regards himself as my target rather than the other way around.

I’m reminded of precisely why I would have done anything to get away from him: he was a manipulator and champion grudge-holder.  So am I.  Why else would I have written what I wrote after 30 years?


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