From Archbishop Oscar Romero

Courtesy of my dear friend, Jane Redmont, theologian and priest, who more than once opened me to the possibilities of my life–the words of a great voice for the poor, martyr, and saint–Archbishop Oscar Romero.

There is one rule by which to judge if God is with us or is far away —

The rule that God’s word is giving us today:
everyone concerned * for the hungry, the naked, the poor,
    for those who have vanished in police custody,
    for the tortured,
    for prisoners,
*   for all flesh that suffers,
has God close at hand.

February 5, 1978

The guarantee of one’s prayer is not in saying a lot of words.
The guarantee of one’s petition is very easy to know:
 How do I treat the poor?
    –because that is where God is.
The degree to which you approach them,
and the love with which you pproach them,
or the scorn with which you approach them–
    that is how you approach your God.
What you do to them, you do to God.
The way you look at them is the way you look at God.

February 5, 1978

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